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A Man of No Country

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What is being said about A Man of No Country


...the action doesn't let up, from the somewhat horrifying depiction of a Barbary pirate attack, to the events that we now know as the Battle Of The Nile. Action, battles, the nitty-gritty of life at sea are all there, but Allan also has the ability to insert humour into his novels - I thoroughly enjoyed the scenes where Clay met Lady Emma Hamilton.


Allan is a superb writer, his nautical details and sea battles are very well done,

and readers who enjoy the more well-known Patrick O'Brian novels may well find this series to  rank alongside Captain Aubrey's adventures.


Anne Holt – Award winning author and politician

..all the adventures lead up to the stunning and breathless sea battle between the Royal and French Navies that history knows as the Battle of the Nile.

Cindy Vallar - Editor and Reviewer

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