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Sea of Wolves

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 What is being said about Sea of Wolves

Sea of Wolves, a World War II thriller in the tradition of Douglas Reeman, once again evinces Philip Allan’s considerable prowess as a storyteller.”


George D. Jepson in Quarterdeck Magazine

“Allan’s prodigious research is deftly interwoven throughout, but it is at the level of storytelling that Sea of Wolves cruises most ably…The novel does an excellent job of illustrating how the outcome of an enormous event such as World War II depended upon the interconnectedness of minor figures often neglected by history.”


John La Bonne’s review in The Historical Novel Society

Sea of Wolves is a fascinating story, a tale of three parts, based on events that actually took place. While initially, the stories appear to be connected only by the thread of war, as the tale develops, we begin to see them join in more detail, as the battle for supremacy in the North Atlantic swings one way, then the other. The great skill in writing this sort of story lies in using the facts as a basis for the fiction, and in blurring the line between the two. So that, in the end, you cannot be certain which bits did happen and which might not have.


And this book does it perfectly.”


RichardDee - Review for Discovering Diamonds

"The action is tense, thrilling, and deeply absorbing."

Tom Knapp - Review for Ramblers.NET

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