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The Captain’s Nephew - Book one in the Alexander Clay series

1795 - In a world torn apart by revolution and war, Alexander Clay, the young first lieutenant of  HMS Agrius, dreams of promotion. Self made, clever and talented, he is a man ready for the new age.  But he must still inhabit an old world dominated by patronage, not least his captain’s blind desire to promote his young nephew at any cost. Clay will need all his wits to bring his ship and crew through a series of adventures stretching from the bleak coast of Flanders to the warm waters of the Caribbean. Ill-conceived expeditions ashore, hunts for privateers in treacherous fog and a desperate chase across the Atlantic are only some of the challenges he faces. How can he win the hand of the beautiful Lydia Browning and what dark secrets have the crew of the Agrius brought with them into the wooden world of his ship?

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A Sloop of War - Book two in the Alexander Clay series

Alexander Clay brings the battered Agrius together with her captured French prize into Barbados, and is rewarded with promotion to master and commander and his first independent command, the sloop of war HMS Rush. He is sent to blockade the French sugar island of St Lucia, and helps in its capture. But dangers surround the newly promoted Clay. When a run slave joins his crew he finds his ship divided over the growing conflict between Caribbean slave owners and the abolitionist movement. Lieutenant Windham is determined to find out the truth behind the convenient death of his uncle, the Agrius’s former captain, while blundering around the Caribbean is the rogue Spanish ship of the line , the San Felipe

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On the Lee Shore - Book three in the Alexander Clay series

Clay returns home from the Caribbean to recover from his wounds, but is soon called on by the Admiralty to take command of a troubled ship. The Titan has mutinied under its previous sadistic captain. Stationed amongst the reefs and rocks of the Brittany coast to watch over the French naval base at Brest, he finds the dangers of this notorious lee shore and its French defenders are the least of his worries. Corrupt officers, determined mutineers and rebellious Irishman all combine to insure that the main threat that he must face comes from within the wooden walls of his ship. 

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A Man of No Country - Book four in the Alexander Clay series

The frigate Titan is at sea once more, this time sent to the Mediterranean to scout out a new threat. The French are gathering hundreds of ships and thousands of men in southern France under their new crack General Bonaparte, but where are they bound, and when will they sail? While Clay grapples with this problem, a series of thefts unsettle his crew, shortly after the arrival of a mysterious stranger on board.  

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The Distant Ocean - Book five in the Alexander Clay series

Back home from the Battle of the Nile, Alexander Clay and the crew of the Titan are soon in action again. A powerful French naval squadron is at large in the Indian Ocean, attacking Britain’s vital East India trade. Together with his friend John Sutton, he is sent as part of the Royal Navy’s response. On route the Titan runs to ground a privateer preying on slave ships on the coast of West Africa, stirring up memories of the past for Able Sedgwick, Clay’s loyal coxswain. They arrive in the Indian Ocean to find that danger lurks in the blue waters and on the palm-fringed islands. Old enemies with scores to settle mean that betrayal from amongst his own side may prove the hardest challenge Clay will face.

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The Turn of the Tide - Book six in the Alexander Clay series

Freshly back from a year in the Indian Ocean, it is not long before Alexander Clay and the crew of the Titan are in action once more. This time they are sent on a secret mission across the Channel. Amongst the forests and marshes of Southern Brittany, a Royalist rebellion is building and the Government at home are keen to support it. But as the uprising grows, Clay finds himself being drawn into a world of deception, intrigue and treachery. Who is the charismatic rebel leader, Count D’Arzon, and what is the secretive Major Fraser really up to? Meanwhile the settled community of the frigate’s lower deck is disturbed by the arrival of a new recruit who appears to have strange mystical powers.

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In Northern Seas - Book seven in the Alexander Clay series

As the long war with France enters its eighth year, there is trouble in the Baltic. Napoleon is busy recruiting new allies to cut off Britain’s vital trade in naval supplies. Captain Alexander Clay is given a new command, the Royal Navy frigate Griffin, and sent ahead of the British fleet on a vital diplomatic mission. In that cold northern sea, the dangers he face are legion. Snow and ice, French opponents, palace conspiracies and an assassin trained in the orient. Clay and his crew are expert at battling the French, but how will they manage when they are drawn into the murky world of espionage and intrigue?

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Larcum Mudge - Book eight in the Alexander Clay series

On a hot night in the Caribbean, a lone Royal Navy ship commanded by a sadistic captain, succumbs to bloody mutiny.  With the Peace of Amiens imminent, Captain Alexander Clay and the crew of the Griffin are sent to track down and recapture the rebel ship. But when they arrive in the Leeward Islands, they find that much more is at stake. Smuggling and corruption seem to be rife in those sunlit waters, while ghosts from the past stir in the shadows. The discovery of a hidden French ship of the line, threatening to cut loose and devastate British commerce, will test Clay and his crew to the limit. And who is Larcum Mudge, the mysterious new recruit who has joined the crew of the Griffin

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Upon the Malabar Coast - Book nine in the Alexander Clay series 


Spring 1803 finds Captain Alexander Clay and his crew dispersed and struggling to adjust to a life of peace at home. Meanwhile, in the wider world, Europe is sliding back towards war. When news arrives that a powerful squadron has left Brest on a secret mission to the east commanded by the crack French Admiral Linois, Clay is given his old command back and is sent in pursuit. The Griffin arrives in Regency India, where treasure fleets worth millions ply the seas and France and Britain fight for influence among powerful local rulers. Soon Clay and his crew find themselves chasing shadows on the Malabar Coast, whose palm-fringed shore conceals many hidden dangers. In Linois, they are pitted against a cunning and allusive opponent. Will they be able to foil the French plans, before it is too late?

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Clay and the Immortal Memory - Book ten in the Alexander Clay series 


Captain Alexander Clay and the crew of the Griffin return from India after almost two years away, impatient to see loved ones at home, but fate has other ideas. In the middle of the Atlantic they cross paths with a huge Franco-Spanish fleet on its way to the Caribbean, and find themselves drawn into one of the greatest naval campaigns in history. With the very survival of Britain at stake, Clay will need all his ability to help the Royal Navy win through. Triumph and tragedy await in equal measure as the fleets move towards a titanic clash fought off a rocky cape in southern Spain.

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Sea of Wolves 


Sea of Wolves is set in the Second World War during the Battle of the Atlantic. It follows three separate stories, one set on a U-boat, one on a convoy escort and a female codebreaker working in the Naval Section at Bletchley Park. The stories twist around each other towards the denouement of the novel.

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The Wolves in Winter 


A sequel to Sea of Wolves, The Wolves in Winter takes the action into the high Arctic, where Allied convoys battle appalling weather, deadly cold and the  might of Nazi power to bring help to struggling Russia. Will the U-boats triumph or will the unseen hand of Bletchley Park guide the convoys through the dangers crowding about them?

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