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Clay and the Immortal Memory


 What they are saying about Clay and the Immortal Memory

Clay and the Immortal Memory is another compelling naval thriller from English author Philip K. Allan… with stirring ship-to-ship engagements and absorbing vignettes … Once again, he cuts a captivating swath through the Georgian-era Royal Navy with his hero, Captain Alexander Clay.
George Jepson in Quarterdeck Magazine


Clay and the Immortal Memory is a tale of Napoleon's successful manoeuvrings to strike a devastating blow against the British that eventually culminates in the Battle of Trafalgar. Readers get to view these events from both perspectives. The focus, however, is on the aftermath of the clash, which proves just as riveting as the battle. Fans of this series will enjoy this latest adventure.

Cindy Vallar - Editor & Reviewer, Pirates and Privateers


This tenth instalment of the Clay series brilliantly showcases Allan's knowledge of and love for nautical history. He takes readers into the lives and minds of both British and French crews as well as Napoleon himself. Humorous and clever encounters with Indian and American traders add to the larger plotlines … shipboard accidents and illnesses infuse even the quiet scenes with high tension. Allan's dialogue fits the patois of the time and the education levels of the men—from well-educated officers to illiterate seamen. His rendering of the battle of Trafalgar and its aftermath comes across as big and brutal as the real-life episode. This work is a must-read for lovers of nautical history. Highly recommended.

G. J. Berger - Review for the Historical Novel Society

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