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The Turn of the Tide


 What is being said about The Turn of the Tide


Philip K Allan’s narrative is anything but predictable as he spins a sailor’s yarn steeped in dramatic battles at sea, daring raids ashore, and day-to-day life aboard a Royal Navy frigate.


Through six titles in the Alexander Clay series, Allan has emerged as a shining new voice in naval fiction


Quarterdeck Magazine -  Summer 2019

Well researched, its use of naval jargon is spot-on, and the drama and action...compelled me to continue reading.


Jeff Westerhoff in The Historical Novel Society - August 2019  

The Turn Of The Tide is a cracking good read, blending historical fact with clever writer's imagination and real historical figures with fictional ones. For readers who enjoy the Napoleonic era of warfare at sea via novels by authors such as Patrick O'Brian, Julien Stockwin and C.S.Forrester, the Alexander Clay series is a must.


Well written. Well researched. Well enjoyed.


Anne Holt – Discovering Diamonds review

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