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Upon the Malabar Coast

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 What they are saying about Upon the Malabar Coast

"Allan’s ability to meld historical events with fictional characters and incidents is the basis for page-turning storytelling. The Alexander Clay novels continue to fill the sails of those who go down to the sea in books."


Quarterdeck Magazine -  Summer 2021

“From the very title onward, this is a tale evoking the magnetic allure and heady exoticism India held for 18th-century Europeans, artfully interwoven with building intrigue and sinuous subterfuge. One would hope for no less a voyage for Clay and his stout-hearted band. Philip K Allan once again delivers a gem of a read and I highly recommend this novel, as well as its progenitors.”


Award-winning US novelist Jeffrey Walker

"With this ninth book in the Alexander Clay series, Allan comes into his own. The depth and intricacy of both the story and the characters are exquisitely interwoven."

Cindy Vallar, US reviewer

“The showing of life and customs in India, as well as the descriptions of complex political complications, are impressively narrated. Highly recommended.”


Waheed Rabbani review for the Historical Novel Society

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