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My latest Novel – Now Published and available Worldwide!
My latest book, Sea of Wolves, which will be published on the 15th of September 2020, is set in WW2 during the Battle of the Atlantic. It follows three separate stories, one set on a U-boat, one on a convoy escort and a female codebreaker working in the Naval Section at Bletchley Park. The stories twist around each other towards the denouement of the novel.
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My Latest  Article in Naval History Magazine 
The October edition of the US Naval Institute's Naval History magazine features an article by me on the evolution of the steering wheel from its invention in the 18th century through to today.
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My Latest Blog - The Sinking of the Vengeur du Peuple

When, after hours of heroic resistance against overwhelming odds, the French 74 Vengeur du Peuple sank beneath the waves, a legend was born. 

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Next blog - The life of George Vancouver

George Vancouver was only a teenager when he first sailed with Captain Cook. He learned well from the great explorer, and would later return to the Pacific to make his own mark on the world.


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