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Clay is back – Coming soon, Book 9 in the Alexander Clay series
1803, and as Clay struggles with life in peace time Britain, Europe is sliding back towards war. When a French squadron leave Brest on a secret mission to India, Clay and the crew of the Griffin are soon on their trail... 
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New  Article in Naval History Magazine 
The latest edition of the US Naval Institute's Naval History magazine features an article by me on the role of the Royal Navy in the Peninsular War
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2nd Battle of Algiciras - Combat du Form
My Latest Blog - Clash in the Gut

When a French squadron under Admiral Linois attempted to force its way out of the Mediterranean past Gibraltar, it triggered one of the age of sail's strangest battles

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Next blog - Blackbeard

Meet one of the real Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Teach - who makes Jack Sparrow look like a choir boy


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