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Now published as an audio book!
Good news for those who prefer their Alexander Clay read to them as an audio book - Book 4 has just been released
Clay is sent to the Mediterranean to investigate rumours of a gathering French fleet. But while Clay grapples with this problem, a series of thefts unsettle his crew, shortly after the arrival of a mysterious stranger on board  
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My Latest  Article in Naval History Magazine 
The June edition of the US Naval Institute's Naval History magazine features an article by me on the evolution of the Sextant
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My Latest Blog - The Battle of the Texel

The winter of 1794 was one of the harshest on record. It was so cold that the sea froze solid around the Dutch naval squadron at the Texel, resulting in one of the strangest naval battles of the age of sail. 


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Next blog - Press Gangs

The image of club-welding thugs rounding up innocent men and carrying them off to a life at sea is part of the popular perception of the 18th century Royal Navy, but was the truth behind this practice?


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